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Driving home this Christmas?

The snow has returned here at Bramley making everyone's Christmas travel plans a tad more challenging this week. If you are planning on driving a long distance in the snow we recommend you carry all the necessities: blanket; sleeping bag; water; flask; shovel ; food etc.. If you want to avoid all possibility of getting stuck or getting annoyed at being overtaken by 4x4's we still have a good selection in stock. We have a number of highly spec'd Land and Range Rovers both V6 and V8 versions and for those who prefer a normal sized car consider the Audi RS6 Avant all wheel drives.

Whatever your plans this Christmas Bramley wish you all the best. If you get stuck try dropping the tyre pressures in your car to enable more rubber to come into contact with the road. Failing that look around for anything that will help your tyres to regain grip; twigs, gravel, flat stones even your car mats! Good luck and drive safely we shall be open until Christmas eve if we can be of any assistance.

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