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New Range Rover Evoque

New Range Rover Evoque

It's official you can now have your cake and eat it!  - Stylish looks of a Sports car whilst giving you luxurious comfort and the practicality of all terrain handling!  The new Range Rover Evoque has got it all going on, and it's not just us who have noticed it either. Range Rover have had some 20,000 orders since its launch in July and the entire first year's production has been pre-sold. In the last few days we have taken delivery of four brand new Evoques here at Bramley; all of which have gone within 24 hours of arrival at the showroom!

So what is all the fuss about?  Well, it's all about style. Nothing like the Freelander model it was based on, the Evoque has desirability backed up with a Land Rover engineering pedigree. It feels sporty to drive, secure and well built and it looks a million dollars with its twinkly headlights and sumptuous leather interior. This practical, all terrain, all weather vehicle won't leave you stranded in the snow or a muddy field. It comes with a choice of turbo diesel engines developing either 150 or 190bhp and can do an impressive 49 mpg (there is even a turbo charged petrol engine version with 240bhp). Here at Bramley we have three more Range Rover Evoques due to arrive at the Showroom in a couple of weeks time and we are not expecting these to stay very long!

If you are interested to know more about the specification of these, please call the showroom on 0844 8227917 to register your interest.


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