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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Video
5th August 2012

All the papers this weekend wax lyrical over the new F12 - scheduled for customer deliveries next year - so here's the teaser video with Fernando and Felipe playing at Fiorano.

Key stats of the Ferrari F12 compared to it's predecessor - the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano below:
Top speed = 340 > 330 kmh
0-100 km/h  = 3.1 secs > 3.7 secs
0-200 km/h = 8.5 secs > 11 secs
Fiorano lap = 1.23 vs 1.26.5

So with 730 BHP and compared to the 599 GTO - a "reasonable" price of £239,736 - with deliveries scheduled for spring 2013 probably going to be a commercially successful car for the prancing horse.

If you do not want to wait till Spring of next year and would like to get your hands on a Ferrari V12 now - we have 2 x 599 GTBs in stock, a 575 Maranello and a very modestly priced 456 - £200,000 cheaper than the new F12!

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