Bramley Motor Cars

Audi RS6 Avant Collection
21st March 2011

Here at Bramley we have a comprehensive selection of all Audi models in stock and we currently have five Audi RS6 Avants in various colours and trim levels. The RS6 Avant, renowned for its powerful 5.0 litre twin-turbo V10 engine, pumps out 575bhp propelling this luxury family estate car from 0-62 mph in a staggering 4.4 seconds. It was nicknamed by Jeremy Clarkson as “the 'UberWagen' Supercar-destroyer with a boot!” so you can see why this vehicle remains as popular as ever. We have six fine examples currently in stock, five estate versions and one saloon. All models come with high levels of standard luxury equipment and lots of extras, including: 20" Alloy Wheels; Powerfold Mirrors; multi-speaker Bose Sound System; Navigation System; Rear Parking Sensors; Xenon Headlamps and lots more. Prices start from £54,000 and we thoroughly recommend a visit to the showroom to see the full range in the metal. For more details click here


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